Drink Coconut Oil Every Day For 1 Week, See What Happens To Your Body

Do you love coconuts? If not, maybe you will after watching this video. Coconut is one wonderful tree fruit offering amazing benefits. Everything about coconut is healthy and wholesome. Even its oil! Yes, in today’s video, we are going to talk about coconut oil and its benefits. Watch the video until the end to find out what will happen to your body if you drink coconut oil every day. Will you lose weight?

1. You will lose weight

This is perhaps the biggest motivating factor for coconut oil. The magic weight loss! Most of us struggle to lose weight. With tempting food and snacks everywhere we go, burning off those extra pounds gets increasingly difficult with each passing day. I am sure most of you can agree. Weight gain is usually the result of eating higher calories than you can burn. When your incoming calories exceed the body’s capability to burn them, you put on weight. So drinking coconut oil definitely sounds counter-intuitive. Aren’t all oils known to be high-fat and calorie-rich? Yes. But there is something peculiar about coconut oil that makes it score higher than others. A spoonful of coconut oil contains fewer calories than Sunflower Oil. A study comparing soya oils and coconut oil shows that the latter is less likely to add more pounds. And it doesn’t trigger diabetes. But that’s not all. Coconut oil has mostly medium-chain fatty acids. Studies have shown these types of fatty acids are digested by your stomach in a way that boosts your metabolism and increases your energy. No wonder this makes coconut oil a great companion for you on your weight loss journey. Just make sure you are taking a tablespoon of it. Too much of anything is harmful. Extra virgin coconut oil is considered one of the healthiest types of oil you can take when trying to lose weight. It does not contain saturated fats at all. These saturated fats increase your cholesterol level and make you gain weight. Coconut oil is also packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, and polyphenols. All of which balance your hormones. This means no weight gain triggered by hormonal imbalance. Trust coconut oil to be at your side. Have you tried other strange weight loss tricks?

2. Your heart will be stronger

One of your heart’s greatest enemies is bad cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol in your body. The good one your body needs, and the bad cholesterol responsible for getting your heart in trouble. Good cholesterol protects your heart by fighting against harmful elements. This boosts your cardiac health. Coconut Oil increases your levels of good cholesterol. This is due to the presence of a healthy element in coconut oil. Scientists are doing more studies in this direction. A study published in 2018 stresses that extra virgin coconut oil offers great health benefits just like olive oil.

3. Frequency of seizures will be reduced

Coconut oil can be very useful for children suffering from epilepsy seizures. Coconut oil has a very important place in the keto diet, which is best known for its therapeutic effect in treating kids with drug-resistant epilepsy. Coconut oil has healthy natural fats that get turned into ketones. Diets featuring coconut oil make the body go under a specific process that helps treat epilepsy.

4. No more microbial infections

Several cultures, particularly South Asians, consider coconut oil to have therapeutic benefits. In fact, coconut oil is hailed for its awesome skin and hair benefits. Maybe that’s the reason why several cuisines and alternative healing therapies have coconut oil. Their age-old home remedies see coconut oil as a protector. Bug bites? Itching sensations? Try applying coconut oil for some relief. Coconut oil forms a barrier on the skin and has a wonderful anti-inflammatory effect. So how does one oil do this much for you? The answer is in its high amount of antioxidants. These fight the inflammation responsible for red swollen skin, itching, sunburns and pain. Let coconut oil neutralize them all! That is not all. Various studies conducted over human participants have shown that drinking coconut oil has a positive impact on your stress as well. Maybe that’s just what you need!

5. Say goodbye to tooth decay and cavities

Believe it or not, your dental health reveals a lot. Your smile says a lot about your lifestyle and eating pattern. Fast foods put our health in danger and maintaining dental hygiene can be a challenge here. Especially with all the sugary drinks, sodas, and fried foods. Even your favorite morning drink- coffee stains your teeth. All of these lead to the growth of oral bacteria, causing problems like swelling gums, dental plaque, and tooth decay. Tooth sensitivity is another main issue popping up more often. So, what should you do? Stop drinking coffee altogether? Nah-ah! You don’t need to. Coconut Oil can help here immensely. Experts recommend using coconut oil for swishing your mouth for a good ten minutes, as it helps control the growth of harmful bacteria. Regular swishing can help fight cavities, inflammation and other oral infections. This is popularly known as ‘Oil Pulling’. Give it a try to protect your healthy, long-lasting smile. All you need to do is take one tablespoon of coconut oil and put it in your mouth. Keep swirling it in your mouth as you go through your morning routine. After 15 minutes, spit it all out.  The antibacterial properties of coconut oil will safeguard your teeth from decay. Before we move ahead, here is another video you’d like. Want to get beautiful, sparkling white teeth? Watch this video to learn more about the 13 foods that give you a great smile.

6. Say hello to beautiful hair and skin

There has to be a reason why so many people love coconut oil. It is a trusted aid in every skin care routine. People use it to oil their hair for the extra conditioning it provides. It also removes make-up. All the movie stars you love owe their beautiful skin to coconut oil. Research shows that Coconut oil effectively reduces dermatitis, dry and itchy skin, and other skin issues. It is rich in mineral oil, which works best as a moisturizer. Applying coconut oil helps treat eczema issues among children. Amazing, isn’t it?

7. Relief from symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is terrifying. It is a progressive disease that gradually reduces the activity of the brain cells causing them to die. What starts as mild memory loss, results in the complete destruction of memory and inability to do basic daily chores. This disease is currently ranked as the sixth leading cause of death in the US but, given recent estimates, it might have advanced to #3. There are no meds or therapies to treat it. But coconut oil can offer some relief. The natural oils present in coconut oil promote brain functions, rejuvenate your brain cells, and help treat epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. The natural fat in coconut oil breaks down into a chemical your body uses for energy.

8. You will be less anxious and more relaxed

Do you suffer from nervousness and anxiety? Is your mind clouded with constant negative thoughts? Do you constantly feel low energy? Like you wish you could relax without having to opt for sleeping pills? You may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Stressful living and the current global situation is putting immense pressure on all of us, resulting in loneliness, anxiety, and stress disorders. Several cases definitely need meds, but if you’re feeling down once in a while, you can try coconut oil. Coconut oil is rich in natural fats. These are easier to digest than the complex fats we normally eat. When you eat them, the natural fats directly go to your gut from the liver and get absorbed quickly. This helps you to experience a fresh bout of energy and keeps your blood sugar levels in check. Studies have revealed virgin coconut oil to be a good antidepressant food, thanks to the fatty acids it has. It can work as a great anti stress oil. Sounds wonderful!

9. Abdominal fat disappears

Coconut oil is deadly against the harmful abdominal fat you carry. Don’t ignore the visceral fat which exists around your organs. It poses health threats including heart attacks and strokes. But the unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil has amazing effects over this type of fat. Drinking one spoon daily can help you get rid of most types of harmful fat! Do you drink coconut oil regularly? Are you planning to include it in your daily diet? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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