Superfoods To Lower Your Creatinine Levels & Improve Kidney Health

Have you been feeling nauseous lately? Extreme fatigue? Or high blood pressure? Maybe it is time for you to pay attention to your creatinine levels. They could be high! Creatinine is the waste product that is produced by the muscles. Normally this waste is removed through the kidneys. Don’t worry! High creatinine levels won’t be directly harmful but they can be indicative of your underlying health conditions related to kidneys. A proper diet helps in bringing down creatinine surges. Low protein, limited salt in foods, and opting for foods low in potassium and phosphorus will hamper its increasing levels. Is cauliflower on the list? What about carrots? Sure leafy greens have to be there! Stay tuned to find out about the superfoods that help in lowering creatinine levels.


Cauliflower is an extremely healthy vegetable. It contains a naturally occurring plant compound that helps reduce the risk of disease. It is understandable why it is included in most vegan and vegetarian meals. It is packed with the goodness of Vitamin C that helps in eliminating all the toxins from the body. It also contains folate and fiber that keeps your kidneys functioning properly. Eat it raw, whip it up into a puree, gorge on it as a pizza crust or use it as an alternative to mashed potatoes. No matter how you eat it, cauliflower will be a beneficial addition. What is your favorite cauliflower dish? Share with us in the comments below.


Hypertension and kidney disease go hand in hand. It would be understandable to choose foods that lower blood pressure levels. Phosphorus is one mineral that your kidneys cannot easily get rid of. Too much phosphorus also causes weak bones, causing more damage than good. Carrots are popular healthy vegetables. Being a rich source of various vitamins and calcium, they protect kidney functioning and also eliminates the risk of developing any infection. It especially works wonders to reduce hypertension. Not only does it take care of kidneys and hypertension, but it also helps in controlling diabetes. Always remember to eat cooked carrots because the raw ones can have high potassium content.


Ever since childhood, we were taught of the goodness of apples. They help in weight loss and also provide some much-needed relief to the sweet tooth cravings among diabetics. From fighting asthma to containing probiotic effects, they are the perfect fruit to include in everyday diets. Eating them in the early stages of kidney disease can reduce the severity. This healthy snacking fruit contains a particular essential nutrient in its red jacket covering called pectin. This compound is responsible for keeping the kidneys healthy while reducing the risk of damage caused by high Blood Pressure or cholesterol. An apple a day does keep the doctor away!


Onion is a staple across the globe and its medicinal properties have been utilized since the ancient ages. It is an essential part and the foundation for most of the meals. Of course, all vegetables contain some health benefits but onion’s benefits are unique. In order for kidneys to function properly, they need to be free of any toxic radicals. Onions have vitamin C that gets rid of these free toxins. The compounds present in it also help in bringing down blood pressure which in turn restores the kidney back to health. If you have high creatinine then onion should be in every one of your meals.


Blueberries are densely packed with antioxidants. They are considered superfoods not just for kidneys but for the whole body as well. Being low in potassium, all sorts of berries like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are a great choice for keeping kidneys in a healthy state. Along with tasting delicious they also have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Rather than sugary sweets, go for their fruity alternative for a healthier snacking option. What makes berries perfect for the kidney is the low content of phosphorus, sodium, and potassium and the high content of vitamins and minerals that is beneficial for hair, skin, and brain functioning. Mix it up in a smoothie or include it in your bowl of salad – berries are always good!


Cucumber is an excellent summer food that contains essential electrolytes. Eating them regularly helps in reducing the uric levels and helping the kidneys flush out the toxic contents from your blood. The water content in cucumbers is high and helps in replenishing the system. If you have kidney stone problems then these can play a vital role in dissolving the stone. Cucumber slices in a bottle of water make for the perfect detox. One of its main benefits is the presence of minerals such as fiber and magnesium that help in maintaining blood pressure levels. This has been a serious concern for chronic kidney disease patients.

Sea Bass

Omega 3 fatty acids are what makes sea bass or any fish a superfood for boosting brain health. This lean white meat has low potassium and phosphorus content which is vital for maintaining kidney health. Eating it can prevent bladder irritation, protects metabolism, and helps in maintaining weight. Eating at least 2 servings of fish in a week helps in protecting the kidneys and prevents diabetes. You have to be very careful with your choice of protein. If you are already dealing with kidney disease, sea bass, and skinless chicken should be the go-to! Remember that lean protein will not exert the body to digest it.


Packed with natural plant compounds, cabbage is an incredible source of Vitamins C, K, and B. The insoluble fiber present in it helps in keeping the digestive system healthy. Being low in potassium, phosphorus, and sodium, they can be found in kidney-friendly diet plans in the form of coleslaw or some other side dish. The natural compounds also help in breaking down the free radicals before it causes any harm in the body. It is also a great choice of food for maintaining a healthy heart. Did you know that there are several phytochemicals found in cabbage that helps in fighting the chances of developing cancer? Easily available and versatile to cook, this humble vegetable is a pocket-friendly way of staying healthy. Are you looking for home remedies to keep your kidneys healthy? Check out this video that will tell you exactly how to do it! Now back to foods that are good for the kidneys.


Did you know that garlic is one of the best foods for maintaining kidney health? It is more than just a delicious seasoning food. It contains something called allicin which takes care of chronic kidney disease, lowers hypertension, and also improves renal dysfunction. These are some of the main causes of impaired kidney function. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in suppressing cold and flu. The active compounds present in its pod helps in reducing blood pressure as well. The potent medicinal content of garlic has made it one of the best choices for combating flu-like symptoms since ancient times. Along with a healthy and wholesome diet plan, there are other ways of lowering creatinine?

Quit Vigorous Exercise Routines

Nobody has ever said that exercise is harmful. Overdoing it may be a problem. Intense muscle movements cause a spike in the production of creatinine which is muscle waste. Overuse of certain muscle groups will produce more creatinine. You can replace your normal workout routine with yoga or walking. In case you have chronic kidney disease for since long then you should opt for less strenuous exercises. It’s actually good news for people who love to go on treks and hikes!

Stop Taking Creatine

Creatine is produced naturally in the muscles. It helps with producing more energy during high-intensity workouts and heavy weight lifting. Naturally found in protein-rich foods like meat and fish, it is broken down during workouts. Creatine is a popular supplement among athletes and weightlifters who need to build huge muscles and enhance their performances. Its supplements tend to increase creatinine levels and may have negative effects on the kidney.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle. All your diet plans and exercise routines go out the window if you don’t stay properly hydrated. Dehydration causes the creatinine levels to rise up. Severe dehydration can cause injury to the kidney. This is also a great way of detoxifying. Drinking ample amounts of water in a day also keeps your skin glowing while reducing the possibility of developing kidney stones. Try to get at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day and you will be good to go!

Sleep Well

We all know a sound sleep promotes brain and body repair. Getting 8 hours of sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. While sleeping, your body’s metabolic rate is relaxed and slowed down. This means that the creatinine production is also lowered during this time. There are numerous ways for you to get mindful sleep for 8 hours like aromatherapy and breathing exercises. There are certain foods that help in getting a good night’s sleep like cinnamon, sage, and corn silk.

Less Salt In Food

Almost everyone in the world eats more salt than the recommended amount of 6 grams per day. More salt means more creatinine in the blood. If you are at risk of developing any kidney disease then make sure to hugely cut back on your salt intake and make it less than 6 grams. There are gross quantities of salt present in processed and packaged foods. Always check the label of any packaged item before buying it. Try munching on some salad, fruits, and vegetables. Have you been eating these foods regularly? Do you think you need to amp up your diet? Type away and let us know in the comments section below!

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